Want to Stay Young? Eat This daily

Want to Stay Young? Eat This daily

8 Awesome Benefits of Eating an Apple a Day

Apples are awesome. They’re portable, delicious, and, according to research, they deliver tons of helpful nutrients that can help you regulate your appetite, steer clear of illness, and even add muscle. Whether you’re already an apple lover or someone who needs more reasons to up his or her fruit intake, here are eight powerful reasons why you should be eating more of America’s second-favorite fruit.

1. Apples Assist With Appetite Control
2. Apples Boost Your Mood
3. Apples Lower your Bad Cholesterol , read other benefits here —> 

4. Apples Can Help Build Muscle and Prevent Obesity
5. Apples Help Ward Off Cancer
6. Apples Sharpen Your Memory
7. Apples Could Strengthen the Immune System
8. Apples Increase Your Energy

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