Ganjapan Ka Desi Ilaj – Girte Balon Ka Ilaj

Ganjapan Ka Desi Ilaj – Girte Balon Ka Ilaj

No doubt hair falling is most common and most stressful problem of one third of the World now a days, this problem found in men’s as well as in women’s its cause due to highly chemical contains cosmetics as well as dust. In order to reduce hair fall problem there are many home remedies as well as chemical products are available. But through home remedies you get excellent result with out ay reactions. In this page you will find and read girty balon ka desi ilaj.

Ek anda le kar ise achi tarha phent len phir nem garam tel me ande ko mila den. Is ke bad ye amiza balon ki jaron me kam az kam 10 mint tak jazb karen. Adhe ghante ke bad sir dho len. Lekin sabun hargiz na lagaen. Ye amal taqriban 2 mah tak jari rakhen is se sir ke girte bal ruk jaen ge.

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Ganjpan ka Desi Ilaj – Ganj Ka Desi Ilaj

Ganjpan ka Desi Ilaj – Ganj Ka Desi Ilaj – Ganjapan Ka Gharelu Ilaj in Urdu

People with baldness problem are found looking for its treatment (ganja pan ka ilaj) from every possible place. They are using products like oils, tonics, shampoos, creams and what not but usually every action goes in vain. Now we telling here 3 easy tips for baldness in Urdu that can help you a lot. Baldness or hairfall is a lingering problem which becomes very troublesome to get rid of. It needs determination and continuous attention. Many people leave it without completing the proper treatment.

Baldness is a very common hair disease in men. It is known with many different names. Doctors term it as Alopecia whereas common men call it Hairfall.

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Ganjaypan ka Desi ilaj Urdu – Baldness Home Remedies

Ganjaypan ka Desi ilaj Urdu – Baldness Home Remedies


Shahaid (Honey) qudrat ki baish baha naimat hay. Nabi kareem (PBUH) ny farmaia jis shakhas ny subha k wakat shahaid estamal kia esko kbhi koi beemari nahi aaiy gi. Sar par ball ugany k liy zaitoon k tail k 2 spoon, 1 spoon safoof dar cheeni ly kar paste bana lain aur nahany sy 15 minute phaly sar par lagain aur esk bad sar dho dalain.


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