Homemade Fairness Cream – How to Get Rid of Dark Facial Skin

Homemade Fairness Cream – How to Get Rid of Dark Facial Skin

How to Make Homemade Fairness Cream

Many girls worried about dark spots, an uneven complexion, or just some general sun damage on their face. If you want to make your skin better and fair, then you have to select the right option for the treatment of your skin. The melanin pigment concentration in your skin can cause a huge dissimilarity in your skin tone. Whether you just want a smoother complexion or get naturally whiten skin, there is no need to choose expensive spa treatments or expensive creams because I am going to tell you a method of homemade fairness cream.

Homemade fairness cream with natural ingredients

Ingredients – recipe of homemade fairness cream

  • Potato (mashed), half
  • Rice flour, one tbsp
  • Fresh milk, two tbsp
  • Lemon, half

Procedure to Make Homemade Fairness Cream – How to Make Homemade Whitening Cream

  • Firstly, take a potato and peel it off.
  • Then, cut it into two equal pieces and take one of them.
  • Now, cut its half piece into small chunks and put it into the blender.
  • Later, blend them and make a paste.
  • Now, put this mashed potato in a clean bowl.
  • After that, take one tbsp of rice flour and add it to the bowl.
  • Now, add two tbsp of fresh milk into the mixture.
  • Then, take half a lemon and cut it into two equal pieces.
  • Later, squeeze one of its pieces and put the juice into the mixture.
  • Then, mix the ingredients well.
  • Finally, the cream is ready to apply.

How to Use Homemade Whitening Cream

Apply this cream on your face as a face mask.
Then, massage it slowly with Continue reading

Make Permanent Skin Lightening Face Moisturizer

Make Permanent Skin Lightening Face Moisturizer

How to Make Permanent Skin Lightening Face Moisturizer

Permanent Skin Lightening Face Moisturizer This is a magical Face Pack which will lighten your skin naturally. This Remedy is very effective for permanent skin whitening, so must read this & try this remedy today.

PROCESS How to whiten the skin :
Let’s find out how to make this gorgeous face whitening night cream.

The first and most important ingredient is raw almond. Take some almonds and soak in water overnight.

Almonds are rich in vitamin E. Regular application of almonds nourishes and softens your skin.

Next morning peel off its skin gently.
Almond works great for dry skin as well as oily skin. vitamin E in almond acts as the anti-aging agent. almond face cream helps in whitening the skin and in removing scars on the face made by pimples and acne. it is also effective for glowing skin, nourishing skin, rejuvenates the skin, which helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Now dry these peeled almonds for 2 to 3 hours under the sun. Now you have to grind them to make almond powder. you can even use the ready-made almond powder.

After grinding it your almond powder is ready to use. You can store this powder for 1 month or more in your refrigerator.

Now at least one hour before the application, take about half teaspoon of this powder.

Then add a half teaspoon of Continue reading

How to Make Skin Whitening Cream at Home

How to Make Skin Whitening Night Cream at Home

DIY Skin Lightening Cream make at home – DIY Skin Lightening Cream

(Must watch video available at the end of this post for skin whitening cream recipe) Are you tired of chemical-laden commercial fairness creams and their unwanted side effects? Switch to Ayurveda and your skin will glow naturally without any adverse effect. Ayurvedic remedies have been recommended for ages to make the skin beautiful and fair. To suit the modern women, these remedies have even been converted into easy to use skin creams these days. In this article, we are going to talk about our top 10 picks of Ayurvedic natural fairness cream along with their updated prices.

Fair & Lovely Ayurvedic Care is “not just a cream, it’s a Golden Glow Treatment”. It contains a unique blend of 16 natural ingredients including ‘kumkumadi tailam’, which is considered as one of the oldest remedies for dark skin. Other ayurvedic ingredients used in the cream are ksheera, manjishta, jast bhasma, etc. that not only lighten the skin Continue reading

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