Onion in Your Socks Overnight

Onion in Your Socks Overnight

6 Things That Happen When You Sleep With An Onion In Your Sock

According to ancient Chinese medicine, the nervous system is complimented by a system of meridians, which are pathways that lead to each organ in the body.

The bottoms of your feet are direct access points for many of these meridians, allowing for great detoxing action through the bottoms of both your feet.

There are around 7,000 meridians that lead to the bottoms of your feet, and each links to different places in the body.

It’s important to keep these meridians healthy, through massage and walking barefoot in nature, but another thing you can do is sleep with a slice of onion in your sock.

I know, it sounds a little bit weird, but onions have been regarded as excellent detoxing and anti-microbial medicinal tools. When applied to the bottoms of your feet, several things happen.

What happens when you put onion in your socks overnight :

1. Your sinuses clear.

Air pollution, cigarette smoke, allergens, and indoor pollution wreaks havoc on our sinuses. Over time, they become inflamed, leading to chronic stuffiness.

You can’t expect an overnight fix to the problem, but detoxing with an onion in your sock begins the process of removing sinus toxins built up over time.

2. Your lungs recover.

This one goes double for people who smoked at any time in their lives. If you’ve recently quit smoking, your body is working double, if not triple time to get all that tar and gunk out of your systems.

Helping your body drain toxins through your meridians helps recover your lungs. This works for people who live in big, smoggy cities too.

3. Your gut becomes healthier.

Your digestive system, particularly your intestines, work hard processing all the junk we put into our bodies. Because we eat such poorly balanced diets, our intestinal flora is off and our intestines are loaded with toxins.

This leads to a reduced immune system and an increased likeliness of becoming ill. Fortunately, meridians lead from your GI tract to your feet, allowing the onion to help draw out those toxins.

4. Your mind is sharper.

As the toxins seep out of your body, your blood becomes cleaner and brings oxygen more readily to the cells throughout your body, including your brain. This leaves you feeling sharper than before.

5. You lose weight.

Your thyroid is responsible for releasing a number of hormones, and many relate directly to how many calories your body burns at rest. When your thyroid is fully detoxed, it works at its best.

Of course, if you think your thyroid is over or under performing, visit a doctor! You could have iodine deficiency or something worse.

6. Your kidneys and liver work better.

Your kidneys and liver are sort of the garbage disposal of the body, filtering out nasty stuff that we put into it. With this detoxing action going on, your vital filtering organs don’t have to work so hard.

what happens if you put onion in your socks overnight – Put Onion in your socks And This will Happen , watch the video :

Put Onion in your socks Overnight: Onions may bring tears to your eyes but the momentary pain they cause is easily outweighed by the fact that they can also help fight against diseases.

The bottom of your feet are powerful and direct access points to internal organs in your body through what is known as meridians in Chinese-medicine.

These meridians are pathways to each organ with your body.

If you believe you have nerves and a nervous-system, you believe you have meridians too, it’s basically the same thing when you interpret it and look at where the meridians are within the body.

The bottom of the feet have many different nerve-endings or meridians, approximately 7,000 that directly link to different organs within the body.

They are very powerful electrical circuits within the body and are often dormant because we wear shoes and don’t get acupuncture done to help the meridians or nerves in any way. This is why I recommend walking outside barefoot! To stimulate those meridians on the bottom of your feet as well as to ground yourself with the earth’s negative ion-field.

One of the coolest ways to open up these electrical pathways (meridians) and to help purify your internal organs without doing anything internal is to cut up onions or garlic and put them in your socks (at the bottom part of your feet) while sleeping.

Onions and garlic are known air purifiers and when applied to the skin topically they kill germs and bacteria but also the phosphoric acid (the substance from onions that makes you cry when you cut them open) enters the bloodstream it helps to purify the blood and kill any bacteria or germs that may be festering waiting to give you the flu.

Step 1: Cut Up Organic Onions Into Slices

You’ll want to use organic onions because they will be free of pesticides and other chemicals. you don’t want these chemicals to be sitting on your feet and entering your bloodstream all night. You’ll just want to cut the onions into flat slices so that they can be applied to the bottom of your entire foot.

Step 2: Put The Onions In Your Sock Under Your Foot And Sleep!

As you sleep the natural healing-powers of the onion will go to work through your skin purifying your blood and killing bacteria and germs as well as absorbing toxins! It will also help to purify the air in your room.
Here are few benefits of cutting up an onion and putting it in your sock while you sleep…

1.Purifies your blood: Phosphoric acid from the onions as it’s applied and absorbed through your skin purifies the blood.

2. Kills bacteria, germs and pathogens: Onions and garlic have strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits! which kills bacteria, germs and pathogens.

3. Purifies the air: This little chamber of smelly onion around your feet will purify the air and keep your feet smelling better and free of toxins and chemicals pulling them out of your body while you sleep.

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