Khazzab Ghar Main Banane Ka Tarika

Khazzab Ghar Main Banane Ka Tarika – Homemade Herbal Hair Dye – Khazzab Meaning in English is Hair Dye




Ye khizab nihaiat lajwab aur azmaia hua hay.

Mehandi 10 rupay ki, kala pathar 5 rupay ka pees lain. Loong 7 adad, kalwanji 5-6 bari chutkian, thora sa sarson ka tail, anday ki zardian 2 adad, neem garm pani say ghol kar rakh dain. 2 ghanty bad sar par lagain aur sokhny kay bad dho lain, lajwab rang apk balon par chmaky ga.



Natural Hair Color Recipes

Natural hair coloring recipes are definitely available to give you the hair color you want without the health risks. Henna, for one, is a very popular natural hair color option with lots of variations possible by adding this or that natural ingredient to your hair coloring mix.

Herbs for Dark Brown Hair or Black Hair

If you have very light hair, it will be difficult to get really dark hues with just herbs, though with enough patience, it can be done. I’ve listed herbs that work, and you can use any combination. As always, test on a small section of hair before using. Henna hair colors will provide really dark results that last longer, but if you want to go dark gradually, these are the recipes I’ve tried:

For very dark hair, put 1/4 cup of Black Walnut Powder in a tea bag or cheesecloth bag and steep in 3 cups of water in a quart mason jar for at least 6 hours or overnight. Use as a rinse in the shower for hair and dry in the sun if possible. This will create VERY DARK hair, especially if you have dry or color treated hair. It will also provide the darkest coverage for grey hair. Repeat daily or as needed to darken and maintain dark shade.

Use strong brewed black tea as a final rinse to darken any color hair. This is also nourishing for the hair and will provide a temporary darkening effect on most hair types. Repeat as necessary to get desired shade and sun-dry if possible.

With any of these herbal hair colors, make sure to test on a small part of your hair first, especially with color treated hair and especially with the henna colors as they have more lasting effects. Experiment with any of the above and mixtures of them to get the right mix for your hair!

Natural Herbal Hair Dyes You Can Make At Home

Natural Herbal Hair Dyes

While most herbal material can be made into a strong tea and rinsed through the hair, there are a few more steps that can make the dye last longer. And for anyone who has dark hair with gray coming through, you know how important that is! Here’s the basic method:

Chop or mash your herbal material. (See rest of article for suggestions on what to use for your hair color.) You can use fresh or dried for most applications, though specifics are noted with certain herbs. The smaller the material is, the more surface area can be exposed to hair, and therefore, creates a stronger and darker dye.

Make a paste by mixing the herbs with some hot water. Add a small amount of water at a time until you get a thick paste the consistency of toothpaste. Hot water will open the pores of the herbs and allow more color to be released.

For colors that require making a tea, use a large amount of herbs – ½ cup of herbs to 2 cups water. Use hot water and steep as long as it takes to cool off. Strain herbs out and transfer tea to a squirt bottle to make application easier.

If using a tea, squirt onto scalp and hair, repeating until tea is gone. Twist hair, secure on top of head, and cover with a damp towel or shower cap. If using a paste, apply the paste to the roots and cover with a damp towel or shower cap.

For both types of preparation, leave on for a half hour or so and rinse out. I suggest doing it in the shower or over a bathtub because it can make quite a mess.

If possible, dry your hair in the sun. It will give it more natural highlights.

Most of these dyes are semi-permanent. They will last a few weeks. Hair usually grows out faster than color fades. To keep the color, reapply a few times per month or more.

What herbs to use for certain hair colors


True black hair is difficult to work with. Black walnut powder will give you very dark, almost black hair. Indigo will give you blue-black hair, but most sources say it should be used with or after henna treatments.


For brown hair, use a strong black tea or coffee solution.

You can also make a tea from nettle, rosemary and sage. Sage has long been used to cover gray hair. Use it weekly to get better coverage on gray that keeps coming back.


For red hair, nothing beats tomato juice. Massage a generous amount into hair, lightly squeeze out any excess, then pile on top of head. Cover with a plastic bag or shower cap, and leave on for at least 30 minutes.

You can also make a tea from hibiscus flowers and calendula. By adjusting the amount of each, you can vary the shade of brown. And both are full of antioxidants, which are very healthy for you hair.

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