How to Make Makeup Primer at Home

How to Make Makeup Primer at Home – Easy way to make face primer at home

How to Make Best Makeup Primer At Home

Have you ever used a makeup primer? You cannot get a finished makeup look unless you apply primer on your face as it provides a base to your makeup. Primers are available in the markets according to the skin types in creams, gels and powder forms. In this video, I am going to share with you a remedy to make best makeup primer for all skin types.

Best Makeup Primer for All Skin Types

To make a makeup primer with natural ingredients to keep your skin protected from the side effects of any chemicals used in cosmetics, the ingredients you will need are

ingredients makeup primer :

  • Glycerin, one spoon
  • Moisturizing cream, half spoon
  • Aloe Vera Gel, one spoon
  • Loose Powder
  • Almond Oil, few drops

Procedure –┬ásteps to apply makeup primer :

  • Take a bowl and in it, add one spoon of glycerin.
  • After this, add half spoon of moisturizing cream.
  • Now, add one spoon of aloe vera gel.
  • Next, add a little bit quantity of loose powder.
  • Now, mix all these ingredients well and primer for oily skin is ready for use now.

For dry and sensitive skin, mix one spoon of moisturizing cream and a few drops of almond oil and you will get the best makeup primer for dry and sensitive skin.

How to Use makeup primer :

Apply the primer in a circular motion and then let it dry. After this, apply makeup on your skin.

Benefits You Will Get:

  • Glycerin keeps your skin moisturized and prevents dryness of skin. The use of glycerin in the primer locks in makeup and keeps your makeup oil-free for a longer time.
  • Aloe vera gel is the best primer for your skin as it has soothing, relaxing and moisturizing properties.
  • The use of loose powder in this DIY primer also helps in making your makeup last for a longer time. It is used for the setting of makeup and sets an even skin tone.
  • Almond oil has vitamin C and it deeply nourishes your skin.

To apply foundation or a BB cream, application of the best makeup primer is essential to make a proper base. It makes your makeup long-lasting and also, it builds a barrier between makeup and your skin and thus, your skin remains protected.

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