How To Boost Your Immunity In 15 Seconds

How To Boost Your Immunity In 15 Seconds!


Are you constantly battling weak immunity? This well-known Russian expert gives away the asiest of solutions!

Professor and doctor, Sergei Bubnovskii is a well-established specialist in chiropractic and suggests a totally simple method for immunity strengthening:

Every evening, after coming home from work, fill your bathtub or bigger container with ice cold water (about 1-15 cm). Never use warm water during the process. Place your bare feet in the tub and tap on the water for just 10-15 seconds. And break in a dance while at it!

When you are done, wipe your feet with a rough towel and slip some woolen socks on. Repeat each night and you will instantly notice a difference!

In case you have a cold or the flu, it is a reason more to improve your immune system. In such case, do the same process every 4 hours.

Your health condition will not be worsened- you will only stimulate the organism to work faster and become stronger!

Courtesy of HealthyFamilyHappyHouse

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