Homemade Hair Color Recipes – Homemade Dye

Homemade Hair Color Recipes – Homemade Dye


How to apply Henna to hair easily at home

If you are worried about your thin, dry and rough hair? Then you should try this amazing best henna recipe for long thick hair and you can also dye your white hair with it. Heena is very good for hair. It will make your hair long silky and shiny. So, stop using chemical containing conditioners and shampoos and just apply this henna mixture on your hair. You will get long silky hair within a month. The recipe is very easy and simple to make. All natural and herbal ingredients are used in this mixture that is very beneficial for your hair. So, must try it.

How to make henna for dying, long thick hair


  • Heena
  • Black tea
  • Milk


  • Take a bowl and add 4 tablespoons of henna powder in it.
  • Add, one cup of milk.
  • Mix both the ingredients properly then add a half cup of black tea.
  • Mix it well to get a fine paste.
  • Apply it on your full hair as shown in the video.
  • Keep it for one hour then wash it off with water. Remember, don’t use any shampoo to wash it out.
  • It is best way to dying your hair naturally at home so, must try it.

Benefits of henna for hair

Heena contains a variety of benefits for your hair. It will not dying your white hair into black but also make it long silky and shiny. It is also best remedy to get rid of dandruff naturally. You can also stop hair fall with the help of henna. So, it is very important to apply it once a month. If you dye your white hair with henna once or twice time then it will permanently remove all white hair so, must try it.

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