Health Benefits of Phool Makhana (Lotus Seed)

Health Benefits of Phool Makhana (Lotus Seed)




Makhana Benefits: Lotus Seeds Khane se Swasth Laabh

Lotus Seeds ko hindi me Makhana bhi kaha jata hai. Ye poshak tatvo se bharpur ek aquatic product hai. Makhana swasth ke liye kafi faydemand hote hai. Aaiye jane Makhana Benefits, jo aapki sehat ke liye kitne gunkari hai.

Makhane ke beej kidney aur heart ke liye bahut hi laabhprad hai. Makhane me 9.7% aasani se pachne wala protein, 76 % carbohydrate, 12.8% moisture, 0.1% fat, 0.5% mineral salt, 0.9% phosphorus aur 1.4 miligram iron mojud hota hai. Isme bahut se aushadhiya gun bhi hote hai.

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Makhana premature ejaculation (shigrapatan) se bachata hai, virya ki gunvatta aur matra ko badane me madad karta hai jisse aapki sex karne ki iccha bad jati hai. Iske alawa yeh mahilao me Infertility ko bhi dur karne me madad karta hai.


Lotus Seeds Health Benefits: Khaiye Makhana aur Rahiye Swasth

  • Lotus Seeds me dher sara anti-oxidants hote hai jisse jhurriyo ka asar kam ho jata hai.
  • Isse blood pressure par bhi niyantran paya ja sakta hai. Yeh sharir ke parts stilled hone se bachata hai tatha ghutno aur kamar dard hone se rokta hai.
  • Pregnant mahilaye aur pregnancy ke baad kamjori mahsoos karne wali mahilaye ko makhana khana chahiye.
  • Makhano ka sevan karne se sharir ke kisi bhi part me ho rahe dard se rahat milta hai.
  • Lotus Seeds ko desi ghee me bhunkar khane se loose motion jesi problem nahi hoti hai.
  • Makhane ke sevan sharir me ho rahi jalan se bhi rahat dilate hai.
  • Isko khane se aapke sex karne ki iccha badti hai aur ye aapke shukranu (Sperm Count) ko bhi badata hai.
  • Iske sevan se durbalta mit jati hai tatha sharir prasth hota hai.
  • Daily makhano ka sevan karne se sharir ki kamjori dur hoti hai aur hamara sharir sehatmand rehta hai.

Upar aapne jane Makhana Benefits, jo aapko rakhe swasth aur shaktishali. To aaj se hi roz makhane ka sevan kare aur paiye apne aap me ek naya change. Courtesy of hrelate

Makhana ( Phool Makhana/ Lotus seeds)

Makhana, Phool Makhana, Foxnut, lotus seeds, Gorgon nut,Euryale Ferox different names, multiple health benefits.

This is a native Asian water plant and is mainly cultivated for its edible seeds. They look really beautiful! Almost like popcorn.

It is an highly nutritious, fully organic non-cereal food, which is extensively grown in the stagnant water of wetlands, tanks, ponds lakes and ditches.

For geographical and climatic reason Bihar is the heaven for Makhana Production. Around 63% of the total Makhana production comes from Bihar . Makhana is superior to dry fruits such as almonds, walnut, coconut and cashewnut in term of sugar, protein, ascorbic acid and phenol content.

Nutritive value of Makhana or Gorgon Nut

100 gm makhana contains 350kcal, 9.7gm easily digestible protein, 77gm carbohydrate, 12.8gm moisture, 0.1gm fat, 90mg phosphorus & 1.4mg iron.

Phool Makhana (Lotus Seed) Health benefits

1. Makhana helps in Cardiac Protection.
2. It helps in building action in dysentery, frequent urination.
3. Makhana is anti-oxidant.
4. It is digestive for all age groups. Due to its astringent property, it is relieves one from diarrhea and helps improve appetite.
5. 25 gram makhana a day means a healthy food/diet for the whole family.
6. Makhana regulates blood pressure, relieves numbness and aching near waist and knees.
7. It is suitable for arthritis, impotence and permature aging .
8.They are sweet to neutral in nature. They help to detoxify the spleen, reinforce the kidneys and nourish the blood.
9. It can also treat insomnia, palpitations and irritability.
10. It is also recommanded for the women during pregnancy and post natal weaknesses.It is a good galactogogue- very good for strengthining lower back muscles.


The seeds (Makhana // Fox nut) can be eaten raw, cooked roasted or fried. In India, we roast it & add spices. It is much much better than popcorn!

Makhana can be consumed as dry fruit snacks by roasting . The popped seeds of Makhana can be roasted & sprinkled with spices on it which proves a tastier, hygienic and digestive health snacks. Home made roasted makhana can help kids get rid of the junk chips .


  • Makhana Kheer – made of makhana is a tasty n healthy. It can be used in Pudding and other milk based sweets etc.
  • Dal Makhani & vegetable curries prove delicious when makhana is spread for taste and thickening object.
  • Makhana raita is very tastier and it is digestive in nature.
  • Makhana pulav can also be tried.

Palak makhana again is healthy and tasty.



Being the GOD’s FOOD, makhana is used in all the worshipping ceremonies , puja, during fast, hawan due to its heavenly nature.


Phool makhana is the name given to popped lotus seeds used in Indian cooking.

The puffed lotus seed has the bitter centre core and the outer membrane are removed, and is puffed, just as popcorn is puffed.It is a very popular food during the fasting.‘Makhane ki kheer’ is the most popular kheer during fasting .

1.Lotus seeds benefit the spleen, kidney, and heart.
2.The seed also has calming properties that alleviate restlessness, palpitations, and insomnia.
3.It is also rich in calcium. is a highly regarded herb for restoring sexxual vigor and youthful
energy in older men.
5.It regulates blood pressure , relieves numbness and aching near waist and knees.
6.It is Suitable for arthritis, helps fighting impotency and premature aging. Makhana is very useful for women during and post pregnancy period.
7.It is also helps your respiratory system, veins and digestion.
8. Ayurveda and Unani (branches of medicine) texts have accepted its aphrodisiac and spermatogenic properties.
9. Popped makhna cotains almost 12% of protein! (excellent especially for vegetarians!)
10. It reverses the aging process over a period of time..

More Benefits of Phool Makhana:

  • Lotus seeds contain flavonoids which are antioxidants and reverse the adverse effects of free radicals in the body. They also prevent the inflammations in the body. These free radicals are the main cause of many degenerative diseases like diabetes mellitus, heart problems and even cancers.
  • As lotus seeds are powerful antioxidants they also known as anti aging foods. Aging is also a result of adverse effects of free radicals in the body.
  • They are high in fiber so helps to avoid constipation. They help the body to remove the waste and thus prevent the accumulation of toxins.
  • Lotus seeds regulate the blood pressure as they are low in sodium and high in potassium. So a very beneficial food for the hypertensive people.
  • They are low in calories, fat and high in fiber so can be a good food for diabetics. They also helps to lower the blood sugar levels, so a healthy snack for diabetics.

So from the above health benefits you can see that these seeds are not only nutritionally rich but also help to heal many health problems. So start using these healthy seeds in your daily diet and get the long term health benefits.

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