Gosht Haram Hay Ya Halal, Jannay Ka Tarika

Gosht Haram Hay Ya Halal, Jannay Ka Tarika –¬†¬†Haram aur Halal Gosht Ki Pehchan

Well you can recognise Haram gosht from correctly zibbah gosht in early stages. The blood vessels are less pronounced on the latter and the former is much thicker texture, like swollen meat. But once cooked you probably wont be able to tell the difference unless you like your meat rare.

See Arab (and a lot of other people) would eat meat from anywhere as long as its not pork or comes from a already dead animal. They believe that only Pork, Alcohol (and other things that are said “Haram” in Quran) can’t be consumed. As long as meat is not pork you can eat it, doesn’t matter if its zabiha or non-zabiha. You can eat meat processed by Ehle Kitab (Jews and Christians). Google this and you’ll find tons of information about their school of thought. I used to live in a small city where the masjid goes by what Arabs believe. Also, because its a Fatwa by their Imam in Saudia Arabia (their school of thought), its wrong to say what Arabs are doing is wrong. They are following an Imam. If its wrong, then the Imam will be questioned.

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