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Easy way to Get Rid of Darkness & Lighten the Dark Neck – Gardan Ko Gora Karne Ka Tarika

There are many causes of the darkness of neck like too much exposure to the sun, aging, obesity, fungal infection, diabetes or hormonal imbalance. You can remove the darkness and lighten the dark neck by using following homemade tricks.

3 Homemade Remedies to Lighten the Dark Neck

First Tip : tips to lighten neck by using Tomato

Ingredients – tomato and honey for dark neck

  • Tomato (pulp), one
  • Honey, one tbsp

Procedure – how to lighten the back of your neck :

  • Firstly, take an empty plate.
  • Then, add some tomato pulp into the plate.
  • Now, add half tbsp of honey in it.
  • Then, mix the ingredients well.
  • Finally, apply it on your neck.

How to apply homemade mask for dark neck

  • Firstly, apply it on your neck
  • Then, let it dry for twenty to thirty minutes.
  • Now, wash your neck with fresh water.

Second Tip : by using Oats for lighten the dark neck

Ingredients of oats scrub for dark neck

  • Oats, one tbsp
  • Raw milk, two tbsp
  • Cotton ball, sufficient

Procedure – how to lighten dark neck fast :

  • Firstly, take an empty bowl.
  • Then, add one tsp of oats into the bowl.
  • Now, add two tbsp of raw milk into the bowl.
  • Then, mix it up.
  • Finally, the paste is ready to use.

How to use homemade scrub for dark neck, click here –>

  • Firstly, apply it on your neck with the cotton ball.
  • Then, leave it for dry and wash it off with the normal water.

Third Tip : by using Cucumber for dark neck :

Ingredients for how to whiten dark neck :

  • Cucumber, one
  • Lemon, one

Procedure – Lemon and cucumber for dark neck :

  • Firstly, take a cucumber.
  • Now, crush it properly with its peel.
  • Then, strain the crushed cucumber with the help of a strainer.
  • Now, separate out the juice of cucumber by pressing it.
  • Then, add the juice of one lemon into the cucumber juice.
  • Now, mix them with a stirrer.
  • Finally, the juice is ready to apply.

How to use Lemon and Cucumber Juice for dark neck :

  • Firstly, apply the paste with a cotton ball on your neck.
  • Then, leave it for dry and wash it off with the normal fresh water.

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