Female Infertility Home Remedies – Miscarriage Home Treatment

Homemade Drink for Female Infertility and Miscarriage Cure

Drink for Female Infertility and Miscarriage Cure
(for urdu readers: iss post kay akhir per urdu main aik video available hay, ap osay bhi soun saktay hain) After marriage, the utmost desire of a couple is to get a baby soon. But, many women get stuck here as sometimes, they feel difficulty in conceiving. Also, some women conceive but they have to suffer from miscarriages. This thing puts their health at a risk too. Infertility can affect men or the women and different types of treatments are available for the cure of such issue. Having a miscarriage is not less than a nightmare for a woman. In today’s video, I am going to share with you an effective homemade drink for female infertility and miscarriage cure fast at home.

Recipe to Make Drink for Female Infertility and Miscarriage Cure

To make a drink at home to get rid of infertility and to conceive soon, the ingredients you will need are

Ingredients of Female Infertility Treatment :

  • Black gram, one spoon
  • Ladyfinger  – 5 ladyfingers
  • Winter cheery
  • Banyan roots – half spoon
  • Curry leaves  – 6 to 7 leaves

Procedure – steps to cure infertility :

Take one spoon of a dry black gram and in addition, add five ladyfingers after cutting them.
Next, add winter cherry and then add take half spoon of banyan roots
Next, add six to seven curry leaves Continue reading

How to Remove Stretch Marks after Pregnancy Home Remedy

How to Remove Stretch Marks after Pregnancy Home Remedy

4 Easy Home Remedies to Remove Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Are you having ugly stretch marks all over on your body? Stretch marks appear on your arms, thighs, back, and buttocks mainly. Many women get these marks during their pregnancy, and the marks do not go away on their own after the pregnancy period. For a cure, stretch marks removal creams are easily available in the markets. But, many of such products do not work at all. How to get rid of stretch marks permanently? For you, here, I have the best home remedies. In today’s video, I am going to share with you four quick and effective home remedies to remove pregnancy stretch marks. Follow the remedies and get rid of these ugly marks fast.

How to Remove Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Here are 4 easy home Remedies for the Quick Removal of Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Remedy 1 – Aloe Vera Gel & Almond Oil for stretch Marks

Take a bowl, and in it, mix some aloe vera gel and a few drops of almond oil to make a fine paste. Rub this mixture on the affected area of your skin daily until you get rid of ugly marks.

Remedy 2 – Raw Potato for Stretch Marks 

Vitamins and minerals in potatoes are beneficial for your skin. Take a potato and peel it off. After this, cut it into small pieces. Next, blend these pieces, and blend well to make potato juice.

Apply the juice on stretch marks to remove pregnancy stretch marks, and let it dry. Wash it off with cool water.

Remedy 3 – Egg White for pregnancy stretch marks

Take an egg white. Apply the white part on your skin and let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse it off with Continue reading