Raishmi Kapare Per Ball Point Ka Nishan

Raishmi Kapare Per Ball Point Ka Nishan – How to Remove ballpoint pen stains from clothes



Raishmi Kapare Per Se Ball Point Pen Ki Ink Ka Nishan Mitana


Ap bazar say “Methylated spirit” kharidiay. Roi (cotton) ko spirit mein bhigo (dip) kar chadar (shawl) per rakh dain phir roi say ragriyae (rub), daagh (stains) door ho jaye ga. isi tarah 2-3 bar roi spirit main bhigo kar ragriyae.


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How to Remove Permanent Ink Stain – How to Remove Permanent Ink Stains from Fabric

If you want to remove permanent ink stain from silk shawl/ cloth then you may purchase Methylated Spirit from market and after that get a cotton piece in your hand and dip it in Methylated spirit and then put it on the stain for some moments and then rub that stain with this dipped cotton twice or may be thrice, the stain will removed.

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