How to Check Honey Purity – Shehad Ki Pehchan

How to Check Honey Purity – Shehad Ki Pehchan


Desi or Bazar sy Khereedy Gai Shehad main Farq !

How Can You Tell if Honey is Pure?

Now a days everywhere impure honeys are selling better then originals. In this situation it is difficult to Identify the pure honey. Get a useful tip from Zubaida tariq to detect the purity of honey.


Asal Shehad Ki Pehchan – Asli Shehad Ki Pehchan in Hindi / Urdu

Asali Shehad (Pure Honey) Ki pehchan ke liaye ap aik machis ki teeli jala kar shehad ke andar rakh dain agar teeli jalti rehay gi to shehad asali hy aur agar teeli bujh gai to samjh lain keh shehad nagli hay.

How to Check Honey Purity

There are some simple tests and experiments that can be performed at home, to verify the purity of honey. They are:

Test 1: Using water

  • Pour water into a glass.
  • Spoon out a tablespoon of honey from the honey jar, you want to test.
  • Place the spoon in the glass of water.

Gently shake the glass.

Verdict: If the honey starts to dissolve and mix with the water, it’s not pure and some amount of water has been added to it. But if the honey forms a small lump and sinks to the bottom of the glass, it is pure in quality.

Test 2: Using methylated spirit/denatured alcohol

Mix equal parts of honey and equal parts of spirit in a glass.

Verdict: If the honey forms a lump and sinks, it is pure. But if it is adulterated, it will dissolve in the spirit and turn it milky white.

Test 3: Using fire

  • You will need a candle with a cotton wick.
  • Dip the wick into a small amount of honey.
  • Allow the excess honey to drip off.
  • Now light a match and hold it to the wick.

Verdict: If the candle wick burns, the honey is pure. But if it fails to burn, water has been added to the honey.

Test 4: Using paper

  • Use a blotting paper or a white cloth.
  • Drop a few drops of honey on the paper/cloth.

Verdict: If the honey is pure, it will remain solid on paper. Impure honey will be absorbed by the paper. With the cloth, try washing off the honey. If it does not stain, it is pure.

Before carrying out any of the above tests, one basic and extremely simple “how to check the purity of honey” method is to read the label on the jar of honey, prior to its purchase. Manufacturers are required to mention the additives and additional substances that have been added to the produced honey. So you can make out, if it is organic or extra sweet or artificial flavourings have been added, simply by scrutinizing the label. If you are buying honey straight from a beekeeper, then the honey is of a raw and unprocessed quality as you are purchasing it straight from the source. Curtis Honey Man is a Beekeeper so you are in safe hands! Courtesy of Local Honey Man

Desi or Bazar sy Khereedy Gai Shahad main Farq – Honey used in countless cultures all around the world over the past 2,500 years and due to the numerous health benefits of honey, it has made an important element of traditional medicines۔ Experts also say that to make yourself healthy and active always start your day with a taste of honey. Lets here come to know the benefits of difference between pure honey and the honey which are available in market.

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Courtesy of K Foods

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