Bal Kalay Karne Ka Desi Nuskha – White Hair

Bal Kalay Karne Ka Desi Nuskha – Get Your White Hair Naturally Black with the help of desi tips


Do not use expensive hair dyes, because they are enriched with lots of chemicals that can be harmful to hair and skin, let your hair naturally white to black by a wonderful recipe.

Ingredients :

1. Linseed (flax) oil 200 grams
2. Three pieces of garlic
3. Four pieces of lemon
4. A kilogram of honey

How to make / Method :

Peel a lemon and mix well with garlic, mix honey and Linseed oil into the mixture and stare well. Now put the mixture in a cap closed glass jar and store in the fridge. And use one tea spoon before half an hour, every meal. Try to use the wooden spoon.


Safaid Balon ko kala karna Natural Treatment

Safaid Balon ko kala karna Natural Treatment


Sounf, kooza misri hamwazan lay kar powder bana lain har khany kay 6 mashay kha lain. Zuefe demagh ka tarriaq aur safaid balon ko kudarti kala krna es nuskhy ka adna krishma hay.


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