Best Natural Hair Straightening Cream Homemade

Best Natural Hair Straightening Cream Homemade – Natural Homemade Hair permanent Straightener Cream with Coconut milk and lemon juice


DIY natural hair straightening cream

For the past few years, there has been fashion for straight hair. People of all genders, all ages and belonging to any profession have a desire to get straight hair. People with curly or wavy hair want straight hair while people with naturally straight hair also want even more straightened hair. This trend has led to a lot of temporary as well has permanent techniques of getting hair straightened. These include hot metal irons, which makes them straight, blow drying techniques and hair treatments such as rebounding. People also get protein treatments as they result in hair straightening as well.

Here we will give a home remedy which will lead to hair straightening using natural ingredients. This is a DIY hair straightening method which is healthy and gives great results. The best part is that, it is a heatless way to straightening hair which means no damage.

For this method, you will need the following

Hair straightening using natural ingredients , so let Straighten Hair with Natural Ingredients


  • 1 cup of coconut milk
  • Lemon juice, 2 tea spoons


  • In a bowl, take one cup of coconut milk
  • You can use fresh coconut milk or you could dissolve coconut milk powder in one cup of water which will make 1 cup of coconut milk in just a minute. Make sure to stir the powder well so there are no lumps or residues at the bottom.
  • Now add in 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Use fresh lemons as they work better than preserved lemon juice available in the market
  • Combined the two ingredients together
  • This will form a cream like consistency
  • You have to apply it on your hair.
  • Let it stay on the hair for a few minutes – about 5 minutes
  • It works as a naturally straightening conditioner.
  • Wash it off your hair with lukewarm water

You should not store this conditioner/ cream as it will rot away. You should make this fresh every time you want to use it. You should use this DIY natural hair straightening cream twice a week to observe visible results.

This is a very low costing remedy in comparison to the hair treatment techniques available in the saloons and the hair straightening tools in the market. This is natural and will not damage the hair

People complain about split ends, damaged hair, dryness and dandruff. But this is a good remedy as it will strengthen the hair and make you hair straight at the same time

Homemade Hair Color Recipes – Homemade Dye

Homemade Hair Color Recipes – Homemade Dye


How to apply Henna to hair easily at home

If you are worried about your thin, dry and rough hair? Then you should try this amazing best henna recipe for long thick hair and you can also dye your white hair with it. Heena is very good for hair. It will make your hair long silky and shiny. So, stop using chemical containing conditioners and shampoos and just apply this henna mixture on your hair. You will get long silky hair within a month. The recipe is very easy and simple to make. All natural and herbal ingredients are used in this mixture that is very beneficial for your hair. So, must try it.

How to make henna for dying, long thick hair


  • Heena
  • Black tea
  • Milk


  • Take a bowl and add 4 tablespoons of henna powder in it.
  • Add, one cup of milk.
  • Mix both the ingredients properly then add a half cup of black tea.
  • Mix it well to get a fine paste.
  • Apply it on your full hair as shown in the video.
  • Keep it for one hour then wash it off with water. Remember, don’t use any shampoo to wash it out.
  • It is best way to dying your hair naturally at home so, must try it.

Benefits of henna for hair

Heena contains a variety of benefits for your hair. It will not dying your white hair into black but also make it long silky and shiny. It is also best remedy to get rid of dandruff naturally. You can also stop hair fall with the help of henna. So, it is very important to apply it once a month. If you dye your white hair with henna once or twice time then it will permanently remove all white hair so, must try it.

Coconut Oil Benefits for Hair

Coconut Oil Benefits for Hair , Coconut Oil Benefits for for Premature White Hair in Urdu


Why Is Coconut Oil The Best Choice For Reversing Gray Hair?


Graying of hair is the sign of biological aging of body. It takes time to turn your hair entirely gray. Age-related graying of hair is inevitable for everybody. However, for some people whitening of hair may not be the cause of the old age.

A lot of middle aged people or even the adolescent develops the premature graying. It is not graying, but the early graying of hair at the age of 20-30 that look the young adult much older, is the matter of great concern.

The problem of premature graying of hair can be the results of different factors. The key factors are the genetic predisposition, hormonal rise and fall, addiction to smoke and stress and strain of modern life style. Learn what causes white hair?

In addition, there are some diseases like disorders of thyroid or variations of glucose level etc that results growth of gray hair. The insufficient pigmentation of the hair follicle and the absence of melanin cause the scalp appear mixed of gray and white hair.

The people with grey hair, particularly the young adults, go crazy to search for the chemical products available on the market. Instead, it is the natural remedies that can decelerate the premature graying process. One of the best natural remedies is messaging of pure coconut oil on the scalp every night and cleanse next day.

Before you opt coconut oil as the best option for your problem, you perhaps would like to know what is special in coconut oil that has made it so special to the millions. Many people who live in coastal areas like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Burma and some parts of Caribbean, where growing of coconut trees is abundant, use only the sweet smelling pure coconut oil for hair.The Ingredients of Coconut Oil

Rich in carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, coconut oil is beneficial for man. However, the use of coconut oil is not restricted to oil only, it is used as an ingredient of many soap and cream. In Asian countries, the oil is used for preparing for food.

As hair oil, coconut oil has been in use for many years past. Application of the oil on scalp and also on hair nourishes hair and consequently prevents premature graying of hair.

Coconut Oil conditions hair better

As a conditioner, coconut oil conditions hair better than other synthetic or chemical products available in the market. Application of warm coconut oil turns the hair sparkling as well as soft and smooth.

It, in the long run, slows down the growth of gray hair. The repeated use of the oil also keeps the falling of hair under control.

Coconut Oil tones hair

For people with dry and rough hair, nourishing the hair with message of coconut oil prevents early graying. One of the best toners, coconut oil helps toning the dry hair. If used with lavender oil, it works wonder in respect of reversing gray hair also.
Shampoo with Coconut Oil

Most of the users don’t aware that the shampoo sometimes adds coconut oil in small quantities at least. The most popular look of the young adults now a days are of dry hairs and gray hairs. The young seem to look older than their ages.

The mindless indiscriminate use of oil-less chemical based shampoo helps increasing the number of grey hair. The too much dry hair leads to hair breaking and total hair-health. So, very easily the hair starts graying. The people should go for coconut based shampoo for their uses.

Let’s see now, why people should use coconut oil in exclusion of other synthetic oil:

  • Unlike other oil, coconut oil goes deep into the scalp and binds the protein of your hair. In turn it retains moisture and strengthens the fiber content and delayed whitening of hair.
  • Man generally wishes for black hairy head. The long use of coconut oil will fill your desire.
  • The coconut oil has some great restorative properties that prevent hair growing gray and also gray hair into blackish tone.
  • It prevents dandruff that makes hair healthier. And, healthy hair always delays to turn to white or gray.

How does deep conditioning coconut oil treatment help?

For the dry and damaged hair, deep conditioning treatment in regular basis is very useful. The process is very easy to follow. You can mix four table spoonful of conditioner and three tablespoonful of coconut oil. The mixture works wonder for your dull looking hair. In course of the treatment it benefits the hair by preventing the process of graying.

Never expect 100% benefit out of the application of coconut oil till you change your life style habits. Do now: Quit smoking, Avoid junk food, Alcohol and other string drink, Ease stress, Take healthy diet, Do some workouts.

Bal Kalay Karne Ka Desi Nuskha – White Hair

Bal Kalay Karne Ka Desi Nuskha – Get Your White Hair Naturally Black with the help of desi tips


Do not use expensive hair dyes, because they are enriched with lots of chemicals that can be harmful to hair and skin, let your hair naturally white to black by a wonderful recipe.

Ingredients :

1. Linseed (flax) oil 200 grams
2. Three pieces of garlic
3. Four pieces of lemon
4. A kilogram of honey

How to make / Method :

Peel a lemon and mix well with garlic, mix honey and Linseed oil into the mixture and stare well. Now put the mixture in a cap closed glass jar and store in the fridge. And use one tea spoon before half an hour, every meal. Try to use the wooden spoon.


Hair Growth and Strengthening Homemade Tips

Hair Growth and Strengthening Homemade Tips


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