Nappy Rashes Home Remedies Skin Rashes in Children

Nappy Rashes Home Remedies Skin Rashes in Children


Bachon ko naipi lagany kay bad jo jild raish ho jati hay eskay liay nuskha hay. Pansari say 5 rupay ka kamila lay kar kisi khali sheeshi mein dal lain aur oper say sarson ka tail dal dain aur bachon kay raish par lagain, raish khatam ho jain gay aur musalsal estmal say kbhi bhe raish nhi ho ga. Ye totka hamaray khandan mein aam estmal hota hay.


Dahi Jaldi Jamany Ka Totka – Yogurt Recipe

Dahi Jaldi Jamany Ka Totka – Yogurt Recipe


In Roman Hindi & Urdu: Agar dahi (Yogurt) fori torr par jamana chahtay hain to doodh (milk) main thora sa Citric Acid mila dain. Dahee (Yogurt) bohat jaldi jam jaye gi.

In English: If You want to make Yogurt in short time then you may add some amount of Citric Acid in Milk before making Yogurt, its very fast way to make Yogurt / Curd in short time.


What is the difference in Yogurt & Curd – Yogurt Recipe:

yogurt is made by adding some starter culture bacteria like lactobacillus to warm milk and allow it to gel . Some flavours, honey, fruits can also be added to it and it is sold commercially. it would be more creamy in texture.

Whereas curd is prepared by adding sour things like tamarind, lemon or vinegar buttermilk to the warm milk .The consistency depends upon the milk.

The term curd is used more commonly in India. But if u see the word yogurt in recipe books…Yes it can be translated as curd. (as they are similar)

I would like to clarify that, Dahi (Urdu) , DAHI  (hindi), THEIRE (malayalam), THEI (tamil), PERUGU (telugu) etc.. are all just translation of the word curd into their native languages.

How to Make Yogurt at Home Recipe:

(add 01 tea spoon of Yogurt in 01 litter normal temperature milk to make yogurt in summer and same amount of yogurt added in little bit hot milk in winter season and then keep the bowl in some hot place in winter season and keep the bowl in anywhere open place in summer season)

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