Be Happy If You Want to Live Long Life

Be Happy If You Want to Live Long Life, Research


California man to put a smile on the face pleasant personality fascinating attraction is so engender But it is also hidden in the secret of long life age.

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Experts say that pleasant and very helpful smile impact on human health and people who are smiling at each financial poverty, health and consumer affairs more than other people in spite of the error they are old. University of Maryland scientists during their research spanning 30 years, more than 30 thousand people were asked the questions that you have about your current situation, whether you are happy? .. Or slightly pleasant life is passing … or your circumstances are miserable and unhappy ….

Records of deaths of people who died during the study were analyzed, which revealed that the people who are unhappy and miserable their lives were less likely to be cheerful smile and laugh are greater than 14 percent. Researchers say the economists, economic security for old age security and the krmnalujst life free from violence and are critical to the healthy life but happiness is the key factor ignored.

friends sharing easier, but also because of the difficulties in coming out helps. Attractive income, crime-free environment and the provision of basic health care they receive protection and health, but this is not guaranteed to keep things man.

Loma Linda University study of American habit of laughing stress hormone in the body reduces the damages, Dr. Lee Burke says that the less stress you suffer so much for your memory it is better to laugh and dufamayn ayndurfynz chemicals like hormones in the brain, which increases emissions, happiness and other positive emotions cause people to laugh and smile, this should be it stress or psychological therapy to depression sufferers more useful proves.

Experts say the government’s economic development, lifestyle improvements and to provide the best medical care with which such measures should also get the pleasure and satisfaction, and it is important that people closer together be brought, social activities and increase the beauty of cities and to increase vegetation, such measures can save the stress of people in a quiet and pleasant life on the road can be.

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