Qad Barhane Ka Nuskha – How to Increase Your Height Easily

How to Increase Your Height Easily at Home Naturally

Those who are of average or short height often wish they were taller. Being tall can improve how a person feels about himself or herself. People with short height, particularly men, may be self-conscious about it and feel less confident.

A person’s height is determined to a great extent by genetics, but it is not necessarily the only determinant. There is a hormone in the body known as Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that regulates height. HGH is produced by the pituitary gland and is highly essential for the growth of long bones and cartilage.

Several other factors play a key role in determining height, such as smoking during pregnancy, poor post-natal care, low birth weight and poor health during childhood.

Often people think that they stop growing when they enter adulthood. But a person can grow a few inches taller even after turning 18. This can be done by incorporating some healthy habits into your lifestyle. Nowadays everyone says, “I Want to Increase my Height”.

Have you been looked down on all your life? Forced to crane your neck to talk to taller people? Have you resigned yourself to the fact that you’re past your growing age, and there’s nothing you can do? Well, there are a lot of things you could do to help boost your height a couple of inches, even if you are past 18. Yes, you read that right. There’s still hope for you. Read on.

How To Increase Height After 18? & Increase Your Height after 25

If you will include the following things in your life then you will easily increase your height:

  • Get Proper Nutrition
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Get Adequate Sleep
  • Avoid Growth Inhibitors
  • Practice Good Posture
  • Do Stretches
  • Go Out In The Sun
  • Do Hanging Exercises
  • Wear Lifts

Here are the top ways to increase your height, Home Remedies for Height Growth:

1. Take Ashwagandha for Height Growth 

Ashwagandha use for height: According to Ayurveda, ashwagandha (scientific name: Withania somnifera, in urdu called Asgandh), also known as Indian ginseng, helps increase height.

Ashwagandha contains various minerals that broaden the bone skeleton as well as its density. This in turn increases your height. You can easily find ashwagandha in an herbal store.

How to take ashwagandha for increasing height :

  • Mix two tablespoons of ashwagandha powder in a glass of warm cow’s milk.
  • Add sugar or jaggery according to your taste and mix well.
  • Drink it every night before going to bed, at least for 45 days to increase your height.

Note: For this remedy to work, you must avoid fast food completely.

2. Drink Milk for Height Growth

Milk is rich in calcium, an important mineral for bone growth. Calcium also acts as a height booster. Besides calcium, milk has vitamin A and protein that are essential for overall development of the body, including height.

Drinking milk increases height: To increase your height by a few inches, drink at least two to three glasses of milk daily. In addition, eating dairy foods like cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and cream can have an effect on height.

3. Stretch Your Body – How to stretch your body for height 

Stretching is another effective way to enhance height at any age. Try to stretch your body by standing on your toes for a few minutes daily, several times a day. Other stretching exercises that you can try at home include car stretch, super stretch, cobra stretch, bow down, twists and basic leg stretches.

To learn about some easy and effective stretching exercises, you can watch this video, Exercises for Height Increase – qad lamba karne ki exercise

With regular stretching, you can add one or two inches to your height. Plus, it will help improve your posture.

4. Engage in Exercise and sports for height increase

Exercise and sports stimulate the release of growth hormone that contributes to your height. To enjoy good height, you must exercise regularly and take part in sports activities.

One good exercise to increase height is skipping where you need to jump a lot. Do skipping for at least 30 minutes Continue reading

How to Get Thicker Hair Naturally

How to Get Thicker Hair Naturally – Home Remedies for Long Hair

Every woman desires thick, long, and lustrous hair. From teenagers to oldies, everyone loves their hair because of the pivotal role it plays in defining one’s face and looks. Luscious hair that has enough shine, length, and strength is what everyone tries to achieve. Unfortunately, hair fall, hair loss, and impaired hair growth are common hair issues that people face. Hectic lifestyles, pollution, and adulterated hair care products are to blame. If you want an effective, safe, and easy solution for your hair growth problems, this article can help you.

Hair loss is a common problem nowadays. As hair is regarded as an asset that enhances one’s physical appearance, balding or thinning hair is a problem that many want to correct as soon as possible.

Some of the common factors contributing to thinning hair are excessive physical or emotional stress, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, pollution, allergies, use of wrong hair care products, poor hair care routine, and heredity.

If you have thinning hair, there is no need to spend money on expensive treatments and products. There are many natural remedies to help you get thicker and voluminous hair.

What Are The Most Important Factors That Influence Hair Growth?

How your hair grows depends on a number of factors and how they supplement and interact with each other. Here is the list of the factors that can deteriorate hair growth:

  • Old age
  • Unhealthy diet leading to vitamin, mineral, and protein deficiencies
  • Weak immune system
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Physical stress on the hair, such as overstyling and usage of excessive hair products
  • Environmental factors, such as seasonal changes, atmospheric pollutants, and sunlight exposure
  • Psychological issues like stress, trauma, and anxiety
  • Medications like antidepressants and blood thinners
  • Sudden weight loss
  • PCOS

Diet For Hair Growth:
It is important to make a few dietary modifications to stimulate the process of hair growth and prevent hair loss. First and foremost, these are the foods to avoid for healthy hair growth:

  • Junk and processed food
  • Aerated drinks
  • Swordfish, mackerel, and tuna (as they can contain mercury)
  • Sugary food like donuts, desserts, pastries, etc.
  • Starch items like white bread, white pasta, and croissants
  • Alcohol

Include vitamin and mineral-rich fruits and vegetables, whole grains, carbohydrates, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein-rich foods in your diet. These are rich in phytonutrients that are beneficial for hair growth.

Below are the lists of some foods you can include in your daily diet for better hair.

Foods For Hair Growth:

(i) Protein-Rich Foods
Our hair is made of a special protein called keratin. Try to include eggs, chicken, tofu, soybean, kidney beans, and other similar foods in your diet. These are the richest source of proteins for hair. They promote the growth of new hair and make your hair shiny and smooth.

(ii) Vitamin A
Vitamin A is beneficial for hair growth. Mango, papaya, orange, prunes, and carrots are a few foods that have a high content of vitamin A.

(iii) Vitamin B
Vitamin B stimulates the production of hemoglobin in our blood that acts as the oxygen carrier. This increases blood circulation in the scalp. Include potato, banana, chicken, oatmeal, fish, and beans in your diet.

(iv) Vitamin C
Vitamin C helps in collagen production and fights the free radicals in the skin. Do not forget to include lots of fruits like amla, oranges, kiwis, and guavas in your daily diet.

(v) Vitamin E
The scalp capillary function is stimulated by the intake of vitamin E in your diet. It increases blood circulation and promotes hair growth. Cereals, sunflower oil, soybean oil, tofu, etc. contain good amounts of vitamin E. You must try and include as much of these foods in your diet as you can.

(vi) Green Vegetables
Try to include lots of dark green vegetables in your diet. These contain iron that is essential for hair growth.

Make these changes to your diet at the earliest, not just for healthy, long hair but also for a healthy body.

15 Home Remedies for Long Hair

BEST OILS for HAIR GROWTH and Thickness & oils for healthy hair growth:

Various essential oils can be added to carrier oils like coconut oil, almond oil, and olive oil to promote hair growth. Some of the best essential oils for this purpose are peppermint oil, tea tree oil, black seed oil, neem oil, pumpkin seed oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, eucalyptus oil, walnut oil, lemongrass oil, and onion oil. Essential oils are full of antioxidants and also contain pore cleansing agents – both these properties can improve hair growth.

Here we are given you the best five oils which used for hair growth and health:

1. Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

You Will Need
Virgin coconut oil

What You Have To Do

  • Warm up the oil and gently massage it all over your scalp.
  • Keep it on overnight and wash your hair the next morning.

How Often You Should Do This
You can apply coconut oil every time you wash your hair. Twice a week is recommended.

Why This Works
This hair growth remedy is one of the best natural conditioners for hair. Coconut oil is rich in potassium and keeps your scalp healthy, promotes the growth of new hair, and repairs damaged hair. It also reduces dandruff, hair breakage, and hair loss. Coconut oil is also used as a preconditioning hair treatment for damaged hair.

2. Vitamin E Oil For Hair Growth

You Will Need
7-8 vitamin E capsules

What You Have To Do

  • Prick open the capsules carefully and transfer the oil present inside to a small bowl.
  • Massage this oil into your scalp.
  • Leave it on overnight.
  • Wash with a mild shampoo the next day for soft and smooth hair.

How Often You Should Do This
Apply this oil twice a week.

Why This Works
Vitamin E has been used as a home remedy for hair growth since ages. Vitamin E oil is rich in antioxidants and helps to fight the free radicals. It increases oxygen in the body and enhances blood circulation in the scalp. Regular massage with essential oils promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall and split ends. This makes your hair softer and smoother.

3. Flaxseed Oil For Hair Growth

You Will Need
1 teaspoon flaxseed oil
2 tablespoons coconut oil OR olive oil

What You Have To Do
Mix the oils and apply the blend on your scalp and hair.
Leave it on overnight.
Rinse your hair the next morning.

How Often You Should Do This
You can apply the oil twice a week for best results.

Why This Works
Flaxseeds are a rich source of essential fatty acids that help to transform dry, damaged, and brittle hair into healthy and shiny hair. The omega-3 fatty acids in this oil promote healthy hair growth.

4. Castor Oil For Hair Growth

You Will Need
Castor oil
Warm towel

What You Have To Do

  • Warm up castor oil.
  • Apply it on a clean scalp. Massage it well.
  • Wrap your hair in a warm, moist towel and keep it on for 20 minutes.

As the oil is very sticky, you can add a Continue reading

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